Saturday, November 20, 2010

Show Me Your Mug and I Will Tell You Who You Are

Every one of us has its own, special container for our favorite drink which tells a bit about ourselves.

A babbling child presses clumsily her first "mature" juice cup to her lips.

A shy teenager waiting for his first dance squizzes nervously his tall transparent glass of soda.

A successful businesswoman drinks her daily dose of coffe from a best-mom-in-the-world coffe mug.

A sturdy mechanic takes a deep gulp from his beer mug after a long day in his repair garage.

A good-hearted grandmother takes a sip from her tiny porcelain tea cup at her weekly gossip meeting.

If you also wish to have something special to pour your drink in, look at a couple of our suggestions. Here are some unusual cups, mugs, and glasses that may suit your taste.

1. Zipper Wine Glass - they say that alcohol openes people up. Who knows, maybe it also can unzipp them?

You like it? Look here.

2.  "Little Heart" Wine Glass by Etienne Meneau - a very unusual way to explore a new taste of an old wine.

You like it? Look here.

3. Two Liter Beer Boot - looks like Santa's, does it?

You like it? Look here.

4. Two Carat Cup - a dream of every jewelery fan may now come true during every coffe morning!

You like it? Look here.

5. Mustache Mug - now, who said that I can't grow a mustache?

You like it? Look here.

6. Slanted Mug - not a drop of any hot liquid will be spilt on your knees.

You like it? Look here.

7. Mug Shaped Shot Glasses - a must-have in every dirty jail.

 You like it? Look here.

8. Bombs Away Glasses - perfect if you want to make your guests burst out laughing.

You like it? Look here.

9. Toilet Cup - it's hard to imagine WHAT can you drink from it...

You like it? Look here.

That's all folks!


  1. Love it :D
    There are also other 'drink-brand' cups/mugs/containers to investigate
    in this matter ;)

    Check it out ;)

    eat&meet crew - Nat for you ;p
    (seriously who else could post Coca-cola branded glasses xp?!)

  2. Ehhh.... mugs... fauvorite Christmas presents. Sometimes I wonder how ugly they can get... it never stopped surprising me.
    Country Kasia

  3. i never seen this types of mugs..
    some of them looking very funny.
    coffee machines perth