Friday, November 5, 2010

"Have a ball...and a beer"- Beer Pong!

Our fellow American(ist) drunkards!
What we have for you today is the key to ultimate pAArty fun -
Most of you probably know the game, heard about it or may have even played it. For those who have no idea what the game is about, we will lay out the rules and tools.
The game is extremely popular among high school and college students in America, as well as random people who simply like to par-tay!
The game evolved from the original beer pong played with paddles which is generally regarded to have had its origins within the fraternities (student associations) of Dartmouth College in the 1950s and '60s, where it has since become part of the social culture of the campus. The original version resembled an actual ping pong game with a net and one or more cups of beer on each side of the table.

You will need:
  1.  BEER (yeah, rly!),
  2. A bunch of people who like beer and want to get drunk (other people can go home, they are useless),
  3. A long table (f you have a ping-pong table at your crib, you are cool and we're jealous), 
  4. Twenty-two plastic cups,
  5. Two ping-pong balls (or more. Drunk people tend to lose things,and you don't want your game to stop in the middle with "Dude, where's my ball?!")
The playing field:
There are two teams of  two or whatever number of people. Each team gets ten cups, which on both ends of the table are arranged in a triangle  - four cups at the edge of the table, then three in the next row, then two and then one. Also, each team gets one cup filled with water, to rinse the ball if it hits the floor.

Now play:
A member of each team throws or bounces the ball accross the table, aiming at the cups of the opponents. If he/she manages to sink the ball in one of the cups, a member of the opposite team has to drink from the cup. When one team misses, the other throws and so on.

Simple? Sure! Nuh-uh? Not getting our blab? Watch these videos on YT:

Want to try it out? Don'forget to invite us :)!
"Have a ball...and a beer."

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